Latest Fad In Bangkok: BAKE Cheese Tart

Bangkok-alone as my Thai bf (ironically) is in KL for a business meeting. Who’s the Malaysian in the relationship huh?


Still enjoying brisk business

I wanted to do / eat something to make me feel better.  So, I went all the way to EmQuartier, and got myself cheese tarts from BAKE, to check out what the hype is all about.


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BAKE cheese tarts have their origins in Kinotoya, Sapporo, Hokkaido. Sounds like a mumbo jumbo to me. What does that means? Kinotoya is a long-established Western confectionery store in Sapporo, HokkaidoAh so desu ka … I see.


The best cheese tart ever, accord to BAKE

A big statement claim by BAKE:  “The best cheese tart ever in your life.”

Ever? Really?

Well, BAKE cheese tart is basically a marriage of two componentsA twice-baked tart pastry + Tenderly soft cheese mouse made with three different types of cheese.

Crispy baked tart dough


Crispy tart dough indeed

From BAKE’s website, I was educated that their cheese tart is a twice-baked tart pastry.

Their tart pastry’s base are cookies. To make them crunchy, it was first baked as cookies, then bake all over again with the cheese mousse on top to create a twice-baked pastry.

Thumbs up to the super crispy baked tart dough.

Tenderly soft cheese mouse


Soft cheese mouse

 The mousse is made with three different types of cheese, by blending the cream cheese altogether to create the cheese mouse:

  1. Cheese from Hakodate in Hokkaido – distinctive for its mild flavor
  2. Cheese from Betsukai in Hokkaido – full-bodied
  3. French Cheese – saltier

Now, I understand why there is a salty undertone taste when I took my first bite.


Which is your fav?

There are 4 ways to enjoy the cheese tart, and I have only tried the room temperature version. I find the cheese mouse too soft for my liking. Can’t wait to try the rest, especially the Cold and Iced version:

  1. Room temperature
  2. Cold : You can enjoy smoother texture when you put into refrigerator
  3. Iced : You can enjoy the silky texture of cheese tart like an “Ice cream” after put in freezer
  4. Oven hot : You can enjoy “freshly bake cheese tart” when you reheat it by using a toaster oven


Hmmm … should there be some sort of QC?

There is a limit to the number of tarts to 12 pieces per customer.

It’s just a tart, no?! *pengsan (faint)

Update 7 Jan 2016:


Cold version is superb!

I like the cold version, fresh from the fridge. This eradicates the soft moussy cheese that I tasted at room temperature.


Update 2 Sept 2016:

BAKE at CentralWorld
BAKE at CentralWorld

They are now open at CentralWorld too!


BAKE Cheese Tart

G/F, Emquartier, Sukhumvit Rd. BTS Phrom Phong

7/F, CentralWorld, 999/9 Rama I Rd. BTS Siam


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