Amazing BonChon Chicken To Try In Bangkok


BonChon@Mercury Ville


Beyond expectation fried chicken

BonChon Chicken was launched in Thailand in the beginning of 2011. Its popularity has yet to fade till now. Thai people are still queuing for the fried chicken!
It’s delicious, but it’s a tad pricey. Looks like the spending power of Thai people is not that bad afterall, huh?


Not in Malaysia … yet?

Since BonChon has yet to reach Malaysia’s shore, it’s worth checking it out, for my fellow Malaysians who are bored of good old Kentucky Fried Chicken. There are more than 10 branches in Bangkok, at Siam Center, CentralWorld, Mercury Ville, etc.

Ordering is rather simple:

Step 1: Pick a part and size – wings (6/10/18 pieces) drumsticks (3/5/9 pieces), breasts or thighs (6/10/18 pieces), or combo (1 drum 4 wings/2 drums 6 wings/4 drums 10 wings). S size costs 150 baht, M size costs 230 baht and L size costs 380 baht.

Step 2: Choose a flavor – soy garlic or hot. Mix flavor is available for size M and L only.

Step 3: Select a side, but you get to pick 2 for size L – coleslaw, kimchi coleslaw .. oh, did I mention that BonChon originated from South Korea?, rice and ahh .. sticky rice (it’s Thailand, abuden).

Step 4: Additional sides – pickled radish 40 baht, coleslaw 40 baht, kimchi coleslaw 40 baht, cleat mushroom soup 40 baht, rice 35 baht, sticky rice 35 baht, kimchi 50 baht


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