What The Hell Is Advance Passenger Processing Fee (APS)?

I am not a happy bunny. I have been charged RM 8 fee (for return flight) for Advance Passenger Processing System for few months now, for my usual KL-Bangkok route. And I have no idea why.


RM8 APS fee charged by AirAsia

I initially thought that it was one of AirAsia’s funny ways to make money out of us.

Also charged by Malindo Air

But a quick fare search on Malindo Air shows the same funny APS fee imposed.

Thai Airways too
Thai Airways too

And Thai Airways too. It states that tax description is not available, but they also use the same E7 code.

Trying to find out more about this funny APS thing, I found no further info on AirAsia and Malindo Air’s website.

And I searched more … and aha … lightbulb moment! Tada …

Airport of Thailand (AoT) has started charging APS / APPS from December 1st, 2015. 35 baht (around RM 4) fee was imposed on passengers flying into and out of its six international airports, to cover the costs of its Advance Passenger Processing System (APPS). The airports include Bangkok-Don Mueang, Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Hat Yai.
What the hell is this Advance Passenger Processing System (APPS)?

To sum it all up, it is a pre-board surveillance check, to shorten the immigration process. This will boost security through screening of all passengers both in and outbound.

It enables authorities to access information such as whether a passenger is blacklisted or banned from entering or leaving any country.

In fact, many governments (such as US, New Zealand) require airlines to submit detailed passenger information prior to arrival, and Thailand basically jumped into the bandwagon. This link here has more info.

Fine, I got it, and it’s a good thing … safety, faster, yada, yada …


Why is the cost being passed on to the passengers? As it is, we are already paying a hell lots of taxes and fees.

If the additional security is necessary, then shouldn’t the government, or the airport authorities be paying for it?



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