ABC Cooking Studio experience in Bangkok

แฟน bought me a “Thai cooking” studio voucher for my birthday, knowing that I am a chef wannabe. I was ecstatic, at least in the beginning, since I’ve never been to a cooking class before. But my enthusiasm slowly had begun to wane after reading about the cooking studio’s history and review. ABC Studio originated from Japan – there’s no doubt they are good in what they do, but a Japanese cooking studio teaching Thai cooking? Call me skeptical .. but nevertheless, I went ahead with the class.

Regulation for admissions

Making a reservation was not easy. In Klook, there are 2 package type – both are 2 hours class: Trial Lesson 749 baht (normal 1,000 baht) and Thai Cooking Lesson for Non-Thai Passport Holders 1,711 baht (normal 1,800 baht). Staff was surprised that my Klook voucher is for Thai Cooking lesson (instead of the usual trial lesson) and had to check. Then, there was difficulty in slotting me in because they need to have a member ID to key in the system. I then had to add them on LINE, to send them my e-voucher. But it was sorted out and off I go one day after the call.

Classes in progress on a weekday afternoon

Turning up for my class, the studio was extremely busy on a weekday! Lessons are conducted in small groups with up to 4 participants to 1 teacher. Luckily, I was the only student for the Thai cooking course for that 4-6pm slot. I was given an apron, and also the option of using a locker to store my belongings. There was yet another confusion, whereby my teacher is only able to converse in Thai and Chinese-Mandarin. I was told that the class language indication of my booking is Chinese! The problem of a Chinese name is (Thai) people automatically assume we speak the language. Given that my Mandarin-Chinese is half-baked, I opted for Thai instead. My teacher was so relief that I speak fluent Thai, but he did reassure me many times to ask if I am not clear. Thumbs up!!

Easy Thai Seafood Dish was the lesson for this month (November) – there are different dishes every month! A printed recipe was provided with ingredients and cooking utilities. I was taught how to prepare steamed seabass with lime sauce (pla kaphong neung manow), stuffed squid soup (gang jeud plamuek yad sai) and Thai steamed banana cake (kanom gluay). In December, the lesson is pad thai, nam samoonplai and bua loi.

Some ingredients already prepped in advance

Most of the ingredients have been prepped in advance, such as the squid head and innards have been removed from the squid body, carrot and garlic skin have been peeled, etc. I learned some tips and tricks such as over-squeezing lime leads to bitterness, to obtain the most lime juice, first slice in three parts, and poking holes into the surface of the stuffed squid to let the steam escape when you cook them.

The lesson took around 1 hour (instead of 2 hours as advertised). I only managed to snap pictures of these two dishes still in the cooking pot. For the fish, it’s just a piece of sea bass on a steamer rack.

After the cooking is done, I can eat the food I cooked at the studio – for dishes, it is best to eat immediately at the studio. I was told that it’s also possible to bring home with own container (which I did not prepare). So I had some of the food and asked to give the remainder of the dishes to staff, except for the banana cake being wrapped up for home.

View from back entrance, with table for food consumption and waiting

I was given the recipe to bring home and staff also walked me through their price list and packages while I eat.

ABC Studio Package Plan

Here, they offer five main types of courses: cooking (Japanese cuisine, international cuisine and healthy cuisine), bread making, cake making, wagashi (traditional Japanese confectionery) and kids (5-10 years old) classes. Membership fee of 2,500 baht is on top of all the course. Cooking course – 19.800 baht (12 courses valid for 12 months), 37,440 baht (24 classes valid for 24 months), 52,920 baht (36 classes for 36 months) and 40,000 baht (ABC Cooking License). Staff recommended package plan, at a lower cost.

Based on the class I had, I think it is more suitable for beginner level as it was too basic for me. But the whole point of a trial class is to get a “feel” of the school – to meet the instructor, their teaching style, etc. I do like the teacher assigned to me, and their teaching style also fits me. There are different classes and level of courses too – Cake Course for example, all members must start from the Basic Course. Once members have completed 18 lessons of the Basic Course, they can then level up to Master Course. ABC Cake License will be given to members who have completed 18 lessons of the Basic Course and 12 lessons of the Master Course. For Cooking Course, their regular lessons are more complicated – such as tonkatsu and making ramen from scratch, and that would be interesting for sure.

Central World 3rd Fl. 02-646-1910 / 065-571-7967. Central EastVille Studio 2nd Fl. 02-553-6259 / 065-571-7976
LINE Official : @ABCCookingStudioTH (with@)
Business Hour: 10am-10pm


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