999 Elephants by 999 Artists at Central Malls Bangkok

Thais are oh-so-creative!

999 elephants by 999 artists, being displayed at the few malls under Central Group: CentralWorld, Central Chidlom and Central Embassy, from Nov 5, 2015 until Jan 5, 2016. It serves to raise awareness of wild elephant-conservation, whose population is dwindling down. A collaboration between Central Group and Art Bridge Chiang Rai, a group of artists based in Chiang Rai, which you can find out more information here.


Mama elephant with her kiddo

A giant 4.2 meter high centerpiece is located in front of Groove at CentralWorld. The piece was created by 9 artists with the concept of “Bridging Thailand and Italy: Under The Same Sky Over Water”. Once the show closes, the centerpiece will be sent to Milan as a gift to show the worldwide link between elephant conservation and Thai art while promoting Thailand as a tourist destination. (Source: theitravelchannel.tv).


200+ sculptures in front of Zen

I counted. Or rather, I was posed this challenge by D, “How can you be sure there are 999 elephants?” Hmmph … so, I counted. Around 211 sculptures in front of Zen, Skylink zone.


Specially for tourists

If you are a tourist in Bangkok, get your copy of ‘Journey of 999 Elephants’ passport at Tourist Information at Level 1, CentralWorld. You are then required to follow the routes specified in the passport, for you to appreciate the elephant sculptures within CentralWorld, Zen, Central Chidlom and Central Embassy.

You will get a free ‘Elephants’ t-shirt valued 890 baht, when your passport is stamped at two (out of four) checkpoints.

The four checkpoints are:

  • CentralWorld Groove Zone, 1st floor
  • Zen, Skylink Zone, 3rd floor
  • Central Chidlom, Thai Thai Zone, 2nd floor
  • Central Embassy, in front of Sephora, 2nd floor

See some of the photos of the sculptures below and more on my Facebook page here. I have my favorites. Take a guess. How about you?


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