#1 Must-Eat At Chatuchak Weekend Market: Coconut Ice Cream

If you have not tasted the popular coconut ice cream at Chatuchak Weekend Market, you have to go try it.

The coconut ice cream by itself wasn’t drop dead earth-shattering. But eating all components together (with toppings and coconut flesh), was a different story. 

After living in Bangkok for more than two yeas, I have stopped worshipping the ground of the coconut-licious ice cream, until I had the wannabe-version at Malaysia’s Sangkaya here. RM 9.90 for four miserable small soulless scoops of ice cream and two toppings. 

I have not had the (original) coconut ice cream at Chatuchak for a long, long time. I took the opportunity to savor the delights today, with my visiting younger brother and his wifey.


Coco JJ new branding
Old branding lifted from Coco JJ’s FB page
Found that they have rebranded to Coco JJ, which makes it so much easier to remember (for foreigners). Their old name was ‘Coconut Ice Cream‘, direct translated from their Thai’s name ไอศครีมมะพร้าว.


Pepertually long queues
 To find Coco JJ, take Exit 2 at MRT Kampaeng Phet, and it is located at Section 1, Soi 36. Follow the queue.


Their menu
40 baht for one scoop of ice cream, with three toppings. 


Get your coconut drink first
 This comes with a glass of coconut drink. 

Ice cream – choose your toppings!
Love their toppings

Additional scoop of ice cream costs 20 baht. Each additional topping costs 5 baht.

I always chose sticky rice as one of the toppings … eat like how the locals eat, that’s my mantra!


Simplify things, what he does best 🙂
 I had trouble juggling the glass of coconut drink with ice cream, and taking photos at the same time … and today, I learnt the act of balancing from D 🙂


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