Finger-licking-good Wong Ah Wah Grilled Chicken Wings

This finger-licking-good meal, was made possible, by one of my ‘oldest’ friend, who made time for me, at the very last minute. And for that, I thank you, Noelle.

Super messy at Jalan Alor
Super messy at Jalan Alor
My last visit to the touristy Jalan Alor was many, many moons ago, and to Wong Ah Wah (WAW) itself was even longer than that.

We did not feel safe at Jalan Alor, and the messy roadwork did nothing in boosting our confidence. I silently pray, please let WAW be open, and make this trip worthwhile.

WAW is a grilled chicken wings institution, and have a special place in my heart. Back to those days when I was working at Menara Olympia, food delivery from WAW can turn those late night crunch time, into a thank-god-I-am-working-late-that-I-get-to-eat-WAW. This meal, brought back memories of the endless late nights during that rough patch first-one-in-the-office-last-one-out of my career.

WAW stretches over few shop lots
WAW stretches over few shop lots
Arriving around 5pm on a Sunday, we weren’t sure whether they are ready for business, but hell yeah. They were already open, but with little customers. I almost couldn’t recognize the place. Since when the shop occupies so many shop lots? It did get crowded later on, so come early, if you want a peaceful meal.

Really, really good
A must at WAW!

Kam Heong lala
Kam heong lala

Roast pork noodles
Roast pork noodles
The food did not disappoint; still very, very, very …… good after all these years. We shared a plate of roast pork noodles, two pairs of chicken wings, and a plate of medium size kam heong lala (Golden Fragrant Clam). Didn’t manage to jot down the price of the dishes, but chicken wings is RM 3.20 per piece, with minimum 2 pieces order. The boss wasn’t kidding when he said a small plate of lala has very little pieces of lala, because the medium size serving is really just nice for the two of us.

We find that the boss was kinda pushy, and annoying to a certain extent. Example, when we finally decided upon a lala dish, he already penned it down as kam heong lala .. that was before we decided on the way of cooking. Hello, what if we don’t want kam heong lala? *rolleyes*

If you have not been here before, you will be dining among predominantly tourists. Having said that, I am glad that the food is still good … and from one of these tourist tables, we learned that plastic gloves are provided, if you prefer to keep your fingers clean and free from chicken-wings-grease. But, please, I beg you, be a local, and eat with your fingers!

'BBQ Chicken Wings' hair treatment, only at WAW
‘BBQ Chicken Wings’ hair treatment, only at WAW
Oh, and I must mention that dining here comes with the smoky ‘chicken-wings-hair-treatment’ free of charge, so enjoy!
W.A.W (Wong Ah Wah) Restaurant S/B

1-9, Jalan Alor, 50200 Kuala Lumpur

Business hours: 5pm – 4am

Tel: 03-2144 2463


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