Visiting a new mother and her newborn baby

Meng, a friend just delivered her first newborn, and I am thankful that I am in town to pay her a visit.

Some new parents do not like visitors, even though they tolerate it. It is understood, since they are busy and tired with their newborn. So, I checked with Meng in advance whether visitors are welcomed, and mommy said okay.

As I am not familiar with her place, I invited Aaron to come with me. Meng, Aaron and I used to work together when we were in Starcom, they were my trusted comrades. Thank god for Aaron, for driving and reading Google map at the same time.


Hilarious !

 I checked with mommy whether there was anything that she would like for baby Evan. And she asked whether can she request things for herself.


All the way from Bangkok

  So, I got the mommy a gift from Bangkok, chosen by herself. First-time ever that I bought a wet wipes set for a new mother! As Hello Kitty design was sold out, mommy settled with My Melody instead.


Stewed pork trotters in ginger and vinegar

 We were served stewed pork trotters in ginger and vinegar (猪脚醋), which is a regular food eaten by new mothers during confinement period. One of those ‘heaty’ dishes, believed to be warming, restorative, and strengthening. It’s very good, but I was left thirsty for a long time.

I hope we didn’t overstay our welcome. Rest well, Meng.


Yoga Boy, please look after Baby Evan

 May Baby Evan’s babyhood be filled with lots of joy with daddy and mummy, and Yoga Boy.


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