A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

A friend found out that I needed to send my phone for repair, which will probably take a couple of days … and this means that I’ll be phone-less.

A loan unit for you ..
Thank you, you ❤️

This angel friend of mine offered me a loan of phone, in time of need, without me having to ask. She even delivered the phone to my home, bless her kind soul.

No doubt she works in a telco; getting her hand on a loan unit, is easy peasy lemon squeezy: that might be a small thing to her, but a very big deal for me.

And, I guess, because it was unexpected, and an unexpected act of kindness is precious and priceless.

“Unexpected kindness is the most powerful, least costly, and most underrated agent of human change.” Bob Kerrey

That got me thinking … In the world of social media, how real are your friends? People spend so much time interacting with their so-called friends on social media: liking, commenting on each other posts, etc. Are these friendships? It reminds me of high school days, about having lots and lots of friends. But, are these friends there for you, when you need them? And, how is it possible keeping up with so many friends in this face-pace world? Is that even necessary?

Thank you ❤️
Thank you, my magical friend ❤️

“Friends: It’s not the quantity, but quality that matters. You will meet a lot of people throughout your life, not everyone will be your friend. That’s ok. You’ll know when you meet a true friend. True friends are trusting and loyal. They are there for you during good and bad times. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. It doesn’t what they look like on the outside. The inside is where you find their quality.” Alison G. Bailey


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      Remember that night when you dropped off the phone .. I was acting kind of weird? That’s why 🙂

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