Travellah, a Malaysian-based travel enthusiasts community

Malaysia-based Travellah is made of a group of people who are passionate about travel, consists of new travel acquaintances from Penang, Malacca and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia & Islamabad, Pakistan. 

They have just had their inaugural trip to Kuala Terla @ Wogoxette Upstairs, a small town located in Cameron Highlands with the help of a super friendly Airbnb Superhost that dedicately showed them the beauty of this place.  Even Malaysians are truly experiencing a local destination for the first time, and this is made possible with a passionate travel freak. This serves as a reminder to travel (and collaborate) with like-minded people and you’ll see and experience things differently!

They are inviting fellow travelers to join them for their upcoming trips. Traveling with strangers? Why not? You get to meet new friends sharing the same passion as you!

I have heard countless cautionary tales of people traveling with friends, and fighting throughout their holiday. But despite the constant fighting, these people travel together e v e r t y i m e. It’s puzzling, but it’s their choice lah. For me, I would have opt to travel solo, and make new friends along the way.

Somehow, I think we are more tolerant towards strangers as it doesn’t comes with past baggage. Just like when we are in a new relationship. The beginning of relationships are always fun. And invigorating. Everything is new and exciting.

What are you waiting for? Just travel lah and check out their page if you’re interested to find out more: