Throwback: A short but memorable 2D1N trip to Cameron Highlands in April 2015

Such an unusual Cameron Highlands trip with the BBs and the B. Not the usual typical activities that Malaysians always partake in.

We drove up from KL around 7.30am, after a light breakfast in Kepong mamak and checking out the wet market. Mimi I found is very knowledgable about mamak food. I normally order roti kosong and roti tissue. Itu saja. The more I get to know her, the more impressed I am with her. Quin, needless to say, I always count my blessings being her friend.

Being my usual ignorant-self of Malaysia’s highway, I agreed with Mimi’s choice of using the Simpang Pulai way. She gamely agreed to the drive us, ‘slow and steady’ as she said, so long we reach our destination safely.

I wasn’t overly-excited about the trip initially, as Wogoxette Upstairs was not available (again!). But, being able to surprise Bryan with copies of Focus Malaysia featuring his first published media interview does the tricks for me.

With Bryan Chiang, the founder of Wogoxette Upstairs and Airbnb Superhost
Photo credit: Wogoxette Upstairs Facebook

Bryan’s infectious laughter and genuine enthusiasm captures my friends’ heart in no time and they chat like old friends. A true Airbnb Superhost indeed.

Bryan introduced us to Highlands Steamboat, a local favourite charcoal steamboat joint. C.S, the owner is very friendly and his restaurant is the only one offering vegetable and noodle buffet, just take as much as you want. But don’t be a cheapo lah, order enough standard pax that comes with meat and seafood, and lots of ‘ball’. I shall dedicate a ‘story of ball’ post soon.

Charcoal steamboat with lots of veges
Take as much vege as you want
Many noodle option to choose

We love the food here so much that we came back for it again the next day without Bryan. We opted for the pig stomach soup both days. They also have other soup choices such as herbal, curry, etc soup base which we’ll definitely come back for it!

Not only once, but twice. Aroylicious!!

Staying true to my responsible tourism motto, we skipped hotel. Our group chose to stay at a homestay run by the native, the Rain Forest Inn. It turns to be a memorable stay, sleeping in a traditional house built by the native, waking up to the sound of waterfall just next to our room and a traditional native dinner prepared by them.

Traditional native dinner

We bought sweet corns plucked right from the earth at a local corn farm. We ate an entire ear of sweet corn totally raw. So this is how sweet corn is supposed to taste, sweet by itself without the needs for butter and salt.

Sweeeeeet corn indeed

Quin was so in love with the down-to-earth corn farmers 😘.

Quin with the corn farmers

We also bought sweet potatoes from Rain Forest Inn. Quin plucked some with the native.

Organic sweet potato dug out from the earth

We did visit the Boh tea plantation at Ringlet, and bought some tea to bring home. But we gave the cafe a missed. We paid a bomb for our too-much-milk-not-enough-caffeine cuppa at the Smokehouse that left us still sleepy. Boo, thumbs down to overpriced coffee!

Everyone has a role to play in creating responsible travel and tourism. Ask before you buy, research beforehand. Is it really organic and grown in Cameron’s soil? Avoid chain hotel. Support the local; homestay is the best. Wogoxette Upstairs, for example, was created for their retired parents to fill in their days by hosting travelers and earn a little pocket money from the rentals at the same time.

Wogoxette Upstairs

Rain Forest Inn

Contact: Mr. Ong Gee Tatt

Email add:

Cell phone: +6012-6561788 / +6016-532 4090

Highlands Steamboat

(Not to be confused with Highlands Restaurant)

Address: 11, Bandar Baru Brinchang (located opposite Rosa Pasadena hotel)

They open for lunch and dinner, from 1pm onwards.

As there are many photos that I like from the trip, so I shall go with sharing is caring lah.

One of my fav photos from the trip
Our traditional native homestay
Very cooling waterfall next to Rain Forest Inn
At Boh tea plantation, Ringlet
QueenB with her bee koncho
Bee buzzing at the Smokehouse
Being ‘my real self’ with friends who accept me as I am

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  • April 29, 2015 at 8:29 am

    Thank you for trusting my driving skill. that was my first uphill (via Simpang Pulai) & my second downhill (via Tapah). Looking forward to more trips with you & Quin in future!!

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