The pork omelette story of Malaysia Mari’s Sam

The story goes like this.

One day, Sam needed to go to a hospital. Knowing that taxi driver here might have problem with her foreign pronunciation, she asked for her colleague’s help to write down the destination in Thai on a piece of paper. Smart move, Sam.

The note (Photo credit: Samantha Tay)
So, she showed this piece of paper to a security guard at the lobby and told him to call a taxi for her. He looked at it for a long time and seemed confused …… and finally, he asked ‘khai jiaw moo?’  (Pork omelette?)

Sam was supposed to show the reverse side of the paper with the hospital’s name written *grin*

And the cheeky guard told the taxi driver that Sam wants to go to ‘kai jiaw moo’, before revealing the actual destination.