Thai Food Truck at Jalan Vista Mutiara, Kepong

I first heard about Thai Food Truck in Kepong from a friend. She told me, “Run by a Thai woman. I heard that it’s very good. They are also on Facebook.”

I kept silent to be polite.

 Silently, I wrote it off in my head …

I am a Thai food snob. Good to me, has to be really gooood, and most importantly, authentic.


Yellow Thai food truck at Vista Mutiara apartment, Kepong

 Today, I finally tried it, in a spontaneous manner. My elder brother brought me there for dinner, without prior planning.


Duck noodles

 We both ordered duck noodles. It was just okay. And I thought that is was quite pricey, for a food truck in Kepong area. My elder brother paid RM 15.90 for two bowls of duck noodle and a glass of Thai Iced Tea wilk milk. 

Their menu is limited to tom yum mee hoon, duck noodles, papaya salad, chicken feet salad, mixed seafood salad and clear tom yum soup. These items are prepared on the spot. They also have some food pre-packed in plastic containers, like fried mee hoon, rice with dishes and mango sticky rice.

When I was eating there, it was comforting hearing Thai language being spoken by the owner and also some Thai customers.

If you want to give it a try, the Thai food truck is located at Vista Mutiara apartment’s parking area. There are only two tables, so it’s not a place for long chit-chat.

Update Oct 2016:

Thai Food Truck
Punctured tyre, so looks like the truck is stationary there
Thai cook preparing my takeaway food
The cooking station

My 2nd visit to the Thai Food Truck, and also my last.

My takeaway
Basil minced chicken with fried egg and rice

Their basil minced chicken with rice is nothing like the real version, and it’s sooo …. expensive at RM 8.

Thai Food Truck

Jalan Vista Mutiara, Off Jalan Kepong, 52000, KL


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    Nice boh

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      So so only wor, for my tastebud. Ko likes the duck noodles tho’

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