Why Is Everyone Raving About Sitka?

I had enough with reviews. I swear to myself that I will take reviews with a pinch of salt (no pun intended). Okay, okay … I have been telling that to myself for a long time, but after this meal at Sitka, I swear that I will no longer be that gullible. Come on, sometimes, really, it’s not about “one man’s meat is another man’s poison,” but some reviews are just too biased!

Sitka is located at Plaza Batai in Damansara Heights, which used to be a simple old Jalan Batai, which I have not frequented for a long time. Long gone were the old Jalan Batai, which used to be one of my cheap lunch joints during my stint at Menara Milenium.

It was a close friend’s birthday, and after reading many positive reviews, I chose this restaurant to celebrate her special day. Last year’s celebration at Ploy was perfect, so I was sort of hoping that Sitka will be another win for us this year.

Salt baked beets with citrus + 64 degree egg
The perfect poached egg?

First dish arrived, and it was a picture perfect, Instagram-worthy dish.

Salt baked beets with citrus (RM23) – local beets, hummus, chickpeas, orange and add-on 64 degree egg (RM 4). I admit that I didn’t read the description carefully enough. I was just drawn to the ‘salt baked beets‘ part. This salad filled our tummy way too fast, as it has way too much of chickpeas .. sans vege.

Sorry, birthday girl, Instagram-worthy dishes, but did not deliver on taste

Our main Instagram-worthy dishes arrived …

I sat there wishing the ground would swallow me up. Okay, this is too dramatic, but you get the feeling, don’t you? Playing host, one would want the meal to be good, or at least, decent. One word to describe our meal: SALTY, or rather, two words: SUPER SALTY! And my tolerance of salt is rather high, so for me to say that it’s salty …

Buttermilk fried chicken waffle
.. with fried egg, hot sauce and aioli

Buttermilk fried chicken waffle (RM 28) – with fried egg, hot sauce, aioli. It was OMFG salty, alright! The chicken was tender alright, but the salt … We tried eating the chicken, together with the waffle and egg .. but, there’s no mistake of the saltiness level. And people raved about Sitka’s buttermilk fried chicken .. like really?!

Lamb shank ragu

Lamb shank ragu (RM 48) – Tomato, roast garlic, black olive, mashed potato. Birthday girl ordered this, expecting one whole piece of lamb shank. And I replied, perhaps because it’s a ragu? Now that I have looked it up, ragu basically means meat-based sauce in Italian cuisine. So, there was no indication that they were not serving a while piece of lamb shank. This dish was not as salty as the fried chicken, but still … salty, even though we did not pour all the sauce provided.

Rereading my last year’s blog post on Ploy, I realized that the birthday girl also ordered a lamb Ragu, but in the form of pasta … And the answer was finally revealed to me: the birthday girl actually likes lamb, but just a simple lamb, without any fancy sauce. Aisayman … after two decades of friendship, I finally know what she really likes to eat.

We didn’t finish our dinner

We didn’t finish our two dishes, and left quite a lot on our plates. The serving staff did not ask us why, when they cleared our plates. I wish they did, and perhaps then, this blog post might carry a slightly better tone. We wanted dessert, but we dare not risk it .. so, we left and went looking for my friend’s ‘birthday cake‘ somewhere else.

Let’s put it this way: Our first visit is also our last. 

Happy birthday again, special Cupcake .. thank you for letting be a part of your special day. Next year, I know exactly where to go…

Sitka Restaurant
8-5, Jalan Batai, Bukit Damansara, Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2011-1117
Business Hours: Mon-Sun 9am-10pm

Website: http://www.sitkarestaurant.com



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