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100 Mins All-You-Can-Eat Yakiniku Buffet At ROCKU Pavilion

Yakiniku (buffet) has become one of my regular dining-out meal in Bangkok. Upon seeing my blog post, Meng, a friend commented that yakiniku buffet is available in KL too, at ROCKU Yakiniku at Pavilion. 

Today, I set to find out what ROCKU is all about. I am happy to report that it has an edge, versus the yakiniku buffet restaurants at Bangkok, as ROCKU also includes entertainment.


Casual. Upbeat. Edgy.


ROCKU originated from Singapore. Casual. Upbeat. Edgy. That’s ROCKU’S positioning. Food + Entertainment (Live band performances, Magician), can’t go wrong for a fun dining out experience. When I was there for lunch, there ain’t any peformances though.

ROCKU’S wifi password is ROCKUrocks, so I was wondering whether it’s meant to be pronounced as Rock-U (as in Rock You), but Kym, my friend thought that the pronounciation is Roc-Ku.


Roku’s meaning in English


Well, I checked Japanese-English dictionary. Perhaps what Kym said is correct: Roc-ku and it means good.


100 minutes time limit for buffet


Buffet menu


There is a 100 minutes time limit for buffet, so we were naturally quite anxious when time was running out. The staff came around to check on our last order, around 5-10 minutes before our 100 minutes time limit. We continued eating past the 100 minutes, and there were no additional charges.


Pork fat as grease agent


Happy grilling


I thought that 100 minutes is more than enough, but not really, as we needed to grill our own food. 70 minutes into our grilling, the fire started to dim. The staff obliged with our request to change the steel wire mesh, and also added charcoal when we complaint about the (lack of) fire.


Order slips

Meat and seafood, and miso soup and enoki mushroom, are to be ordered from staff.


Buffet table


Veges and other items such as salad, chawan mushi, fried stuffs, fruits, etc, are from the buffet table.


Online reservation step-by-step

If you would like to make a reservation, it can be done online.


ROCKU buffet lunch: 11am-5pm. Weekday RM 39.90++, Weekend RM 49.90++

ROCKU buffet dinner: 5pm-11pm. Weekday-weekend RM 49.90++

Additional 20 mins block at RM 9.90++

++ additional 10% service charge and 6% GST

– excludes drink

We paid around RM 60 per pax, including drink (2 jugs of green tea).

ROCKU Yakiniku – Japanese Charcoal Grill

Outlet:  Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Lot 07.01.03 Level 7

Dining Loft

Tel: 03 2148 8884

Business hours: Mon-Thu, Sun 11am – 11pm, Fri-Sat 11am – 12mn

Outlet: 1 Utama Shopping Centre

LOT F355/356/357

First Floor, Rainforest

Tel: +603 7710 9884

Business hours: Mon-Sun 11am – 11pm


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