Retro night at Johnny Rockets Malaysia

I finally visited Johnny Rockets Malaysia, after their launch in Malaysia one and a half years ago. Better late than never lah.


Love the retro feel


Tabletop jukebox on our table, and hey, they have The Beatles’ ‘Here Come The Sun’ in the playlist!

Best-of-the-evening goes to my dining companion. A girly heart-to-heart talk, something that I rarely get in Bangkok. Fingers big. Keyboard small. Chatting via chat apps are just not the same.

Second goes to the Rocketeers. Their service with a smile is to be applauded. Not forget to mention their dance routine. What I really like is that they seemed to be enjoying themselves while they dance together. That’s the utmost importance in all we do, right?

Rawkin’ rocketeers


We ordered Bacon Cheddar Single (RM 24.90), Spicy Naked Rocket Wings (RM 24.90), Tuna Garden Salad (RM 20.90), Vanilla Shakes (RM 15.90) and Root Beer Floats (RM 10.90). Total damage: RM 109.00. Food was nothing to rave about. But we experienced the Johnny Rockets trademarked smiley face with ketchup, and their thick and creamy shakes.


Thick and creamy vanilla milk shakes, the best of the lots


Perhaps just a once-in-a-lifetime experience, try it if you’ve not been to one before. As for me, I’ll probably go back for their shakes.


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