Restoran Soon Lee Is Oh-So-Worth The Wait

It took us almost 1-hour drive from our place to Restoran Soon Lee (also known as Kopitiam Soon Lee) 顺利海鲜烧鱼饭店 at Seri Kembangan. And another 1-hour or so for our food to arrive.

I was dragging my feet, dreading the dinner, due to its far-flung location from where I stay. But 2nd sis and I decided to take the plunge, to have dinner with our visiting relatives from Singapore.

So off we go, relying on Waze, with sis as navigator.

The food was oh-so-the-worth it. It was yummeh!!


Super yummeh!
I was told that Soon Lee is famous for their grilled fish, and it lives up to its reputation. Dish of the day for sure! The fish was marinated with some sort of curry powder, and was really flavorsome.


Sungguh sedap
I also enjoyed their salted egg yolk crab dish, my 3rd crab dish (and the best) back in KL oops.


Unfold the lala steamed in ginger wine
Other dishes

Other dishes were also good. Belacan petai was awesome-mosem! And I like the lala (soft-shell clam) too, even though mom says it’s not worth the price RM 30+.

Do be prepare with super-noisy environment (loud talking & laughing), and avoid peak hours if you are pressed for time. My cousin also warned us to be careful, walking out from the restaurant. My concerned uncles even walked with us, to make sure that we get to our car safely. So, be alert ya.

Bill came up to RM 460+ for a pax of 14. Thanks Aunt Jane for the treat!


Restoran Soon Lee



Restoran Soon Lee 顺利海鲜烧鱼饭店
No. 22 Jalan Psk 3, Seri Kembangan 43300, Malaysia

(They moved to this current location, from their previous location at Serdang Perdana, Seri Kembangan)


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