Restoran Soon Hock: An Accidental Discovery

Restoran Soon Hock 顺福 was an accidental discovery – the happiest accident-ever! I was led to believe that it is the same restaurant that I’ve been to, as it was mentioned here that Restaurant Soon Hock was previously known as Restoran Ah Soon. Yupe, Restoran Ah Soon in the same neighborhood was my intended destination, one I visited previously with my elder brother.

Restoran Soon Hock
A packed Restaurant Soon Hock

So, I called ahead to Restoran Soon Hock and book a table for our family dinner, not knowing that it was a different restaurant altogether! My siblings arrived at Restoran Soon Hock, following the Waze location I sent … on the other hand, I arrived at Restoran Ah Soon, realizing the boo-boo I made. And to add insult to the injury, Soon Hock told my sis that no reservation made under my name. Luckily, at 6.30pm, my sis managed to get a table to fit all 15 pax of us.

Thai-style fish (for Thai bf who was in town)
Steamed fish

Elder brother prefers Restoran Soon Hock’s steamed fish, versus Restoran Ah Soon … “sweeter”, he said.

“Naked” chicken
Stout ribs
Siew pak choy
Fu yong egg
Homemade tofu
Stir fry long bean with salted egg

The bill came up to RM 245 for 15 pax for a tummy-happy-licious food, cheap!

Restoran Soon Hock – address
Restoran Soon Hock – map
Restaurant Soon Hock 顺福
170, Jalan DA/6, Desa Aman, 47000 Sungai Buloh, Selangor (near Sieramas)
Tel: 03-6148 8973 / 012-390 5023 / 012-313 3052
Business hours: 10am-10pm (Closed on Monday)
GPS Coordinates: N 3 12.229 E 101 35.768



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