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Tong shui art at Restaurant Ruby

Tong shui after dinner is what brought us to Ruby Dessert House, and this I have to thanks to sis for the recommendation. Ruby reminds of of those tong shui place in Hong Kong, serving classic Chinese sweet soup desserts that we’ll make a beeline for … and I thought it’s nice that old-school tong shui place is still very much alive in KL.

Ruby’s menu mainly consists of those classic “wu” 糊 (paste-type tong shui) – black sesame paste, peanut paste, almond paste. If you’re not a big fan (like me) of these pasty-tong shui, they also have steamed egg custard 炖蛋 in their menu too. Price starts from RM 3.50 and goes up to RM 9. Gai Wu, Cha Wu, Tin Wu, Dei Wu , Moon Wu, Dai Sei Hei are the names of the mixed-wus.

“You don’t have to pay if you are not satisfied !” … but well we were happy with our dessert (the wus come with art too), so we paid lah.

And if you’re hungry, there are stalls selling food such as prawn noodle too ..

Ruby Dessert House 祖传配制芝麻糊大王
No. 32, Jalan Landak, Jalan Kancil, Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +60 3-2141 3250
Nearest public transport: Pudu LRT
Business Hours: Mon-Sun 1100-2300


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