‘Real’ Durian Cravings Satisfied

I’ve been complaining a lot about the taste (less) of Thai durians, and refers to it as ‘fake’ durian. You see, Malaysia’s durians are more generally more ‘meaty’ and flavoursome, vs. Thai’s durians. The Thai durians just don’t have the ‘kick’ and ‘oomph‘, it’s like eating durian that has yet to ripe. The type of durians that Malaysians usually reject.

I wanted to try Thai’s Durian Chanee for a while, a species that D thought will suit my tastebuds more vs. the more popular Monthong species. But one whole fruit is too much for me to consume, since D is not a big fan. So I have this unsatisfied durian cravings for few weeks in Bangkok already.


Thai’s Durian Chanee

Today is a perfect day for my durian binge, to commit my “durian-crime” without offending anyone. Why? Because the pungent smell bothers my mom. As I am home alone tonight, I drove out and bought two packs of durian for my smelly-licious dinner. RM 45 (after 50% discount), for two packs and all for me, makes me very, very, very happy. My bestilicious meal so far back home. And no, this is not a typical Malaysian dinner. Just me, deprived of ‘real’ durians ……



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