How to jazz up a Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony

Two weekends ago, it was my elder brother’s wedding. He doesn’t demands a lot from us siblings – probably just to respect his wishes, and letting him doing things his way, especially on such an important occasion of his life. For the Tea Ceremony session, the specific instruction was “8 heart-shaped balloons” for decoration. Younger brother to get the balloons, and me to decorate. So, fulfilling his wishes, was what my younger brother and I tried .. to a T, as best as we could.

Congrats Kvin & Cally

When the mastermind of surprise (aka me) got roped in, of course it turns up to be a not-your-typical balloon. I talked my younger brother into arranging a special surprise …. a personalized balloon for the groom and bride. And the best thing is … I ain’t paying for it, but my younger brother! Perfecto!

Balloon Bunny’s packages RM 148-RM 238
Balloon Bunny’s Add-on

I found Balloon Bunny via search, and their FB reviews were great. Taking my chances, I contacted them via Facebook Messenger, and found them to be helpful and accommodating. They also helped with the color matches of my balloon order. A single personalized 24″ bubble balloon is RM138, so you might as well take up their packages. There are 3 packages @RM 148, RM 168 and RM 238 to choose from, but I ended up customizing our package to meet my elder brother’s requirements.

The wedding tea ceremony area

Our package costs RM 170, which works out to RM 4 each for the heart-shaped balloon (vs RM 5 at balloon shops in town). The package consists of:

  • 1x 24″ personalised bubble balloon (mini balloons – white & red) – oriental wedding design
  • 8x 11″ heart-shaped latex balloon

Payment had to be upfront, 4 days before collection. I had my doubts about releasing 100% payment upfront with a supplier I found online … but I trusted my gut feel, amen .. all went well.

Delivery & Pick-up (Cr Balloon Bunny)

Delivery service is provided for minimum purchase of RM 150 or any packages and the rates* are:

  • Zone A (RM 30): Bandar Utama/Kepong/Sungai Buloh
  • Zone B (RM 40): PJ/KL City
  • Zone C (RM 50): Cheras/Kuchai Lama/Puchong/Shah Alam
  • Zone D (RM 55): Klang/Sri Petaling

* Delivery from 9.30am to 7.30pm

To save on the delivery charges, we arranged for pick-up at Bandar Sri Damansara. They agreed with early Sunday morning collection time. As they do not have a physical store, collection was arranged in front of a restaurant. I was told to inform them 15-20 minutes before arrival, our car plate number and inform them when we’ve arrived, and they will bring the balloons to us. Sis-in-law who went to collect it, said that they were already waiting when she arrives.

Balloon float time (Cr Balloon Bunny)

The heart-shaped balloon was already deflated on the same day, as it lasts 6-8 hours. 4 days later, my elder brother told me that the bubble balloon is still “bulat” (round). It can lasts 1-2 weeks, according to Balloon Bunny.

Other quotes received:

  • My RainbowDreamz Balloons (Based in Shah Alam, Malaysia): Customized bubble and giant size balloon priced at RM 150 and above.
  • Balloon Studio (Based in Bangkok, Thailand):  Jumbo 36″ balloon THB 1,550 (RM 196), Jumbo 36″ balloon + confetti THB 1,650 (RM 208), Small balloon 12″ : THB 40 (RM 5), Small balloon heart shape 12″ : THB 45 (RM 5.70).

If you are interested in the making of a bubble balloon, I found a video on YouTube here.


Balloon Bunny
Contact: YY +6-017 6750710


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