Jiffy Malaysia Passport Renewal In 1 Hour

I can’t recommend Mini UTC Sentul highly enough. This visit marks my second time using their service for passport renewal (first visit was for mom’s passport renewal)and hey, they rawk! Fast and friendly, they have given me hope of our government agencies.

Sis and I renewed our passport together this time, both expiring on the same day! We went on a working weekday, non-school holiday. As I was confident of the speed at Mini UTC Sentul,  I assured sis that we didn’t need to bother to be the first in line, when they open at 8.30am. Arriving at 10.00am, mine was all done in 1 hour and 15 minutes time! Long gone were those days that we had to drag ourselves out from the bed in the wee hours of the morning, to be the first in the line.

Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia, Mini UTC Sentul
Keep a lookout for this
Imigresen Malaysia, that’s the place

Commenting on the lack of signage, my sis pointed at the Imigresen Malaysia logo. So, keep a lookout for the logo when you reach Level 1, Mini UTC, Sentul.

Simple steps
Simple steps

There is a step-by-step process at the info board, if you are unsure of what to do. Nombor giliran-kaunter terima-pembayaran-serahan, queue number-process-payment-collection.


Get queue number
Get queue number at Counter #9
1046, that’s me at 9.49am

Step 1: (9.49am) Get queue number at Counter #9, with your old passport and My Kad. There are 7 counters to process application, but only 3 counters were opened for normal application, and additional 1 counter catered for senior citizens aged 60 years old+, disabled people, pregnant women, and children below 2 years old.

Note: Took them 40 minutes to process 14 queue numbers, with 3 ‘normal’ counters.

Step 2: Wait for your queue number to be called. Have breakfast, or walk around. Plenty food options around, including a vegetarian stall. Sis and I walked around the building, which also has a small wet market, grocery stalls, etc. There is also a library at Level 2, we were told.

Service counter

Step 3: (10.40am, and took 3 minutes processing time) When your number is called, go to the necessary counter with your queue number, old passport and My Kad.

The officer started by asking whether I am single or married, and then asked for my cell phone number.

I later found out that it is part of myIDENTITY initiative,to reduce time when dealing with government agencies. Our contact info will be updated into a repository that is accessible by all participating government agencies. I received an email from JPN (Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara) and JPJ (Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan) on the same day, informing that my details has been updated. Haha, dang, can’t run away.

I wore a dark-color top, covering my shoulder and chest, and also a knee-length pant (to be on the safe side). Jackets are provided, if you are not in dark-color top. I saw girls in short, but no one turned them away. So, no drama at Mini UTC Sentul.

It’s photo time. Look at the camera, and smile. It is okay to ask for the officer to let you see the photo, and they even allow retake, if you wish to. Then, thumb prints on ink pad, and all done. The officer even handed me a small piece of toilet paper to ‘wipe’ my thumb, to get (some of) the ink off.

It only took me altogether 3 minutes, but sis (at the next counter) took much longer. She later told me that the computer system had a glitch, and the officer had to get her to do everything from start.


Step 4: (10.55am) Wait for your number to be called by Counter #8, and pay the necessary fee. I paid RM 200, 5 years renewal. The cashier will give you an official receipt, with the queue number stapled together. You also collect back your My Kad here. Collection in an hour time. As I remembered that my mom’s collection was in less than 1 hour, we decided to stay within the vicinity of the Immigration office.

Good brekkie
Good brekkie
Eat with peace, as can view numbers being called
Eat with peace, as can view queue numbers screen

As sis was hungry, we had our breakfast at food court.

Step 5: (11.15am) Collection time, must collect in person. You will need to check passport details (check name, etc), and also sign on your new passport. You will also get back your old passport, with ‘clipped-off’ corner of the front cover.

My number was called at 11.15am, but sis’ number was not called out (even though her queue number is just after mine). After 25 minutes, I urged her to check at the collection counter. It seemed that they did … but how come we missed it? Remember to check if your queue number wasn’t call out.

Hmmm .. I guess it just wasn’t my sis’ day, with computer glitch and the ‘long’ wait for collection. Mine was smooth throughout.

The special cases
The special cases

Here are some other info that might be useful to some applicants.

Tip: If you are pressed for time, check their Twitter account Imigresen UTC Sentul @imi_utcsentul , before you head to their office. Saw one complaint on Twitter that the system was ‘down’ at night. The applicant went there at 8pm, three times this week, and faced the same problem every time. Well .. nothing is perfect, so I better count my blessings.


Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Cawangan mini UTC,Sentul
Aras 1 Pusat Transformasi Bandar,
Jalan 2/48A,Sentul Perdana,
Bandar baru Sentul,
51000 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-404000143/614/148

Operation hours: Mon-Sun 8.30am-10.00pm (closed on public holiday)




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    Just realised my son’s passport had expired this morning and our trip is just 4 days away. Thanks to your useful post and now I am at Mini UTC waiting for the new passport collection. A big thank you to you!

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      Aswww thank you for this kind note, CS … and happy holiday!

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