Third Time Lucky At Nasi Lemak Jalan Antoi

1st visit: 16 Feb, 8.40pm – sufficient rice for last 2 packs. And the guy in front of me ordered just exactly 2 packs. Well …


People were still queuing at 8.40pm!


Sudah habis! Finished


2nd visit: 17 Feb, 7.30pm – they are closed. Well …

3rd visit: 23 Feb, 7.30pmTHIRD TIME LUCKY!!! Not only they are open, but without queue!


Woohooo no queue!

I grew up eating nasi lemak from this humble nasi lemak stall at Kepong Wai Sek Kai. They have been operating from this location for as long as I remember.

2nd sis just tried Village Park Nasi Lemak last week, and she still prefers Nasi Lemak Jalan Antoi! “Nicer sambal,” she said.


Mari, mari … come, come


Sambal is a MUST
Sambal is a MUST

I particularly enjoyed the friendly banter from the Uncle nasi lemak … “Sambal cukup ke? Kalau tak cukup, jangan malu minta lebih.” “Telur sebiji atau separuh? Atau dua biji?”

I didn’t see him around today, hopefully all is well with Uncle.


Whereabout of the stall
Whereabout of the stall


There is no stall name. It’s known as Nasi Lemak Jalan Antoi on Swarm, because of its location. No fixed closing day, they close as and when they want to. Ada gaya. They told me  that they are usually open around 6.40pm-7.00pm.


Love their sotong
Love their sotong


Rendang daging and chicken
Rendang daging and chicken


The stall operators around them, don’t seem to like this nasi lemak stall much. Well, this is the only stall with perpetually long queue. I am sure the rest are fed up with constant question of “Are they open?” from customers, whenever the nasi lemak stall is closed.


It tastes better than it looks
It tastes better than it looks

Happy tummy filled with nasi lemak sotong, RM 5.10 (Update Feb 2017: Nasi lemak with sotong’s price increased to RM 5.50). (Update June 2017: Nasi lemak with sotong’s price further increased to RM 5.70).

Glad that I still managed my last nasi lemak before leaving KL.


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