Move away Goatie, for Durian has ousted you: 2015 is now the Year of Durian

Yes, yet another durian posting. I love durian, but please don’t get me wrong, I am not crazy about it. But 2015 is a year, where God of Durian must have gone  bonkers.

I am burping durian A G A I N.

 I must have had close to ten durians (or more?) in the past three months. To give you a perspective, it’s like the quantity I normally eat over a period of three years. I am surprised that I managed to avoid sore throat after the endless durian binge in the past two weeks or so.

My phone beeped around 7pm, with a Whatsapp message from my sis: “Do you want to eat durian later?” I have not even had my dinner then, but I just had to say YES. So at 8.30pm, I had my early supper of durians.


Durian lovers in our group includes 8-yr old and 11-yr old girls

 Not only me, but other durian lovers from all walks of life were seen enjoying the creamylicious goodies at a durian stall frequented by my sis’ family. “1 Durian“, uniting our country.


Durian stall frequented by my sis’ family

 It’s good that these durian stalls are not within the vicinity of people’s home. We gotta respect non-durian lovers, you know?


Many different types of durians

 There are so many different types of durians! Many unheard of, for me. It was funny hearing my nieces rattling off the names in Chinese. They are English literate, so it sounds a lot like gweilo (foreigners).


Our last musang king #nofilter

 BIL (brother-in-law) paid RM 180 for 2 musang kings and 1 XO (also known as D24). I thought the durians we had were aroylicious, but these thorny babies did not pass my BIL’s expextations.

This particular durian stall in Kepong, BIL likes their honesty. They will advise him against buying if quality is not up to mark. This makes customers feel assured and also keep them loyal. Two (sticky) thumbs up! Marketers can learn the basic from these durian stall operators!


Water dispenser to wash hand yo’; NOT for drinking

 As for me, I appreciate the water dispenser for us to wash hand. Simple thing that doesn’t cost a lot, and make you feel valued. Kudos!

What happens post-durian season, I wonder. Are durian addicts akin to liquor/cigarette addicts? Will durian addicts go cold turkey? Will they get withdrawal syndromes and get all agitated?


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