Happy With My Favorite Kuro Ramen Fix

The initial plan was to eat at Mak’s Chee Wonton Noodle. But there was a long queue, and no, we are not queing for it. No queuing when I am in my home country.

So my frend suggested Japanese food at Isetan (aka Eat Paradise). And friends agreed with my choice of Menya Musahi. Menya Musahi is still not in Bangkok, so I can only have my favorite kuro broth ramen once in a long, loooong time.


Ajitama kuro ramen


Their kuro (means black in English) ramen has always been a favorite of mine. Charred garlic resulted in a black garlic oil broth. Not the best looking dish, but trust me, the broth is slurpylicious-good.


Special set @ RM60


We ordered their Special Set @ RM 60, which includes:

– 2 flavored oil Ajitama Ramen

– 2 glasses of green tea

– 1 side dish

– 1 salad

I was surprised that Menya Musahi has  special set, as I don’t remember them having one previously. It’s a good deal, as 2 bowls of ramen already costs RM 60. Is our market that slow, or is it because competition is heating up?

Ajitama ramen consists of roasted pork (1 pc), Ajitama egg (1 pc), spring onion, bamboo shoot, black fungus, cabbage and sesame.


Ajitama Shiro Ramen


For our ramen, we chose Shiro (onion flavored oil) and Kuro (special mix of fried shallots and garlic flavored oil). For side dish, it was Gyoza (grilled pork dumpling).

If you have been to Menya Musahi, you might be familiar of their small setting and their communal table, and counter seating. Table-proper is limited. Therefore, it is really not a conducive environment for catch-up session.

We waited a bit for table, as wanted a proper table for easy chatting (there were 3 of us). Luckily the restaurant wasn’t packed. We took our time, but we adjourned to a cafe after lunch, to make way for other diners.

Their green teas are no longer refillable, so don’t sip it too quick.

Thanks Cupcake for a satisfying ramen lunch treat!!

Menya Musahi

Level 2, Eat Paradise Isetan 1 Utama

Business Hours: 11.00am-10.00pm

Tel: 03-7726 5899


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