Yut Kee, An Old Time Favorite 

Yut Kee never fails to satisfy my local food whims. There’s nothing pretentious about this place. Just simple aroylicious local foods that has stand strong through the years.

I finally visited Yut Kee at their new premise. Drove all the way to town, for mum to get some fresh air and change of scenery. Far flung restaurants like this, she can only visit with her children. She told me that my younger brother brought her there once. But she has forgotten that I brought her there before too.

I read that Yut Kee try to retain the same ‘look and feel’ at their new premise. It does looks more or less the same like their old location, but with more space. Kudos to the lady boss for the ‘chop-chop-get-everything-right’ mentality.

The new location with KL Tower in the background


I had my loh mee (RM7) … ahhh one more craving ticked off from my list. Mum said that she doesn’t fancy loh mee … huh, since when? She ordered fish porridge (RM6) and commented that it’s a ‘teochew’ porridge style with ‘unbroken’ rice .. akin Thai’s style ‘kow dtom’ (boiled rice). She was happy that the bowl is loaded with fish.

Loh mee for me and fish porridge for mum


Saw roast pork near their cashier counter, then recalled that Yut Kee sell roast pork every Friday, which I still have yet to try after all these years. Must come back for this one day.

Their famous roast pork, available only on Friday




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