Pan Mee, a childhood comfort food

Pan mee (flour noodle) is one of my childhood comfort foods. All my siblings like it. You can say that we came from the same ‘pan mee mould‘, aka my mum.

It is a dish that I can proudly create from scratch, when I want to. It’s a skill that comes in handy in Bangkok. D is not a big fan of anchovy broth, but when I have my pan mee craving, he will just eat it together with me. Perhaps one day, he will be a pan mee-convert.

There are many pan mee shops in town (in KL/PJ), but not many pan mee shops can replicate the home-cooked taste that I am familiar with. Many are too fancy for my liking. Pan mee is a simple dish, with clear anchovy soup base. Most restaurants over-complicate it with fancy soup base. They also tend to have too many ingredients, and laden it with MSG. Pork rib kills the delicate soup, pleaseeeee keep it away. Less is more. Keep it simple.


Soup pan mee, my all-time favorite version of pan mee

 Today’s lunch, was a heart-warming bowl of pan mee (no prize for guessing, my friends). Not mine, but my mum’s request. Since I needed to drive her to visit my younger brother’s in-law at Sungai Buloh, I arranged for lunch with my second sis and nieces at Desa Aman Puri.

Restoran Kee Kahiong Pan Mee at Kepong serves simple pan mee with spinach (or vegetable manis / sweet leaf). They have other types of pan mee (dried pan mee, loh pan mee and herbal pan mee), but old-school me always order the same old thing.

They even have other non pan-mee dishes, such as mee sua soup, pumpkin pork rib porridge, claypot yee mee and claypot lo shu fan. Tempting enough, but I managed to resist the temptation all the time!

 They have kick-ass chilli dipping sauce to go with their pan mee, so two thumbs and two feet up for Kee Kahiong!! (Two exclamation marks, to go with my two thumbs and two feet, geddit?!)

Restoran Kee Kahiong Pan Mee

No. 3-48a, Jalan Desa 2/4, Desa Aman Puri, Kepong, 52100, Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Business hours: 8.30am – 5pm (Closed every Thursday)


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  • July 23, 2015 at 5:46 pm

    My favorite is always homecook pan mee . Am glad that hubby & son love it too!

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