Malaysian Urbanite Catch Up Session Over Korean BBQ

The catch-up session back home continued with my ex-Starcom group yesterday night. The last gathering we had was 15 months back, according to Mindy. It was crystal clear in her mind, as she was close to give birth at that time, and baby Darius is now 15 months old!

Aaron, Meng, Tony and Marcus (unable to join us as he’s based in Singapore) used to be my team members. Oh ya, I used to work with lots of boys. Mindy was sort of my ‘adopted’ kid, sitting close to us but with a different line manager. Pearly was the Talent Manager occupying a cubicle at our corner. So, sort of like ‘corner gang’.

Meng worked with before, and rejoined me in Starcom. Without her, I wouldn’t be able to survive .. thanks, Meng.


Group pix, minus Marcus who is still based in Singapore



Thanks Meng for being there for me

We decided on Korean barbeque,  and went to Palsaik Korean BBQ. A place recommended by Meng, the Foodie Queen due to two reasons: she loves Korean food and she’s a ‘porky’ (like many Chinese) and oh, she’s pregnant with her first child, so of course she gets to pick the restaurant lah. 

I have a group of Korean bbq expert on my table. I am out of touch with local food scene, especially  Korean bbq. There are just too many Korean bbq restaurants. At Solaris Mont Kiara area, it’s flooded with them! Meng, Tony and Aaron are so well-versed that they were comparing the restaurants. Aaron’s favourite is Daorae Plus. Both Tony and Meng like Sae Ma Eul. I’ve been to neither.

Palsaik’s selling point is their 8 types of marinade. 8 slices of pork belly were marinated in different sauces such as Ginseng, Wine, Pine Leavs, Garlic, Herb, Curry, Miso Paste and Hot. I read in one blog that ‘korean bbq will never be the same again’. Uh-hu, we were not overly impressed. Only the ginseng and garlic pork belly taste stood out. We could not really taste any difference with the remaining marinades.


 There are three set options: 3colour, 8 colour and premium.

We started with the premium set (RM 155), which includes a plate of deodeok, a healthy root food and premium kimchi. The initial plan was to try all 8 marinades, choose the best and order a la carte for our second round. As we couldn’t really differentiate, we picked three types. But the staff recommended the ‘8color set’ since the price is more or less similar, RM 122 vs RM 114 for three a la carte servings.





Thank you to Palseok’s staff


Seafood soup, before stirring


Seafood soup, after stirring


Korean Raspberry wine (RM 45), touted as Mindy’s “Independence” drink as it was her first night out alone after 15 months 🙂


Oh and by the way, Palsaik reached our shore before Thailand, so ya, bonus points for that!

Total damage : RM 341.30 for 6 pax



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