Eat Charcoal Burger at MyBurgerLab

MyBurgerLab has been around for three years now. Their first outlet was at Seapark. I first went there with my two nephews, but the queue was so long until outside the shop that we just couldn’t be bothered.

We later went back again with their parents (i.e. my eldest sis and BIL) and hell ya, it was aroylicious. At that time, we queued for about 20 minutes or so, and then food arrived in another 20 minutes.

So fast forward, they opened two new outlets at Old Klang Road and Sunway. I revisited them two times, still at the same Seapark outlet.

The queue is still long, though less scary. Back then, the queue started even before it opened. At least now, it takes 5-10 minutes of queing time. And another 10 minutes for food. But on both occasions, I went there as early as 5pm-6pm before peak hour starts.


6pm+ .. quite a lot of people already

The visit yesterday was mainly for Cupcake to try this place.

QueenBee, Cupcake and I were chatting on WhatsApp … it was a lengthy chat, and Cupcake was busy. By the time she caught up with the long message trail, she asked the fundamental question of our chosen dinner venue.

QueenBee replied, “Eat burger at Seapark”. My cutie friend knew that MyBurgerLab is at Seapark, but she thought that we are heading to another burger joint, called “Eat Burger”.

So she does what all of us do in situation like this … checking with our Google friend to find out the exact location.


So she googled for “Eat burger Seapark” .. And she said google is so smart; she knows it’s MyBurgerLab

We ended up with Swisstake (RM 22.50 including fries and bottomless soda) for the table. Cupcake opted for chicken patty, and QueenBee and I had the beef patty.

After eating there few times, the burger itself had lost its novelty for me. But the fries is a different story altogether. I adore the fries with dipping whole-heartedly.

I’ve been eating so much back in Kl that I dread to weigh myself.



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  • June 3, 2015 at 8:16 am

    eat burger joke going to stick with us for some time 🙂

    • June 3, 2015 at 8:22 am

      The ‘Eat burger’ restaurant at Sea Park is very good ah

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