Curry Fish Head on a rainy night


Scattered thunderstorms in KL!

 It had to rain cats and dogs the very day I decided not to cook dinner at home.

I choose to see the positive: perfect weather for piping hot curry fish head.

Curry and rain are destined to be soul mates!

Mum finished most of the fish head, whilst I kept to the humble fish flesh. The latter is more for human’s consumption, and I am just a mortal. As for my mum, she was born in the year of dog, perhaps that’s why she likes fish head so much.

I remember D once said, that he had better curry fish head in Singapore, which I didn’t take it well. Someone please bring him to eat a good curry fish head here. I am clueless, not my forte.

As for mum’s initial request for dinner? Curry noodle, which I improvised as my regular stall I is closed today. Didn’t deviate too far from her brief, did I? Still a curry dish, but to be eaten with rice.

Currylicious dinner, indeed

 RM 25 for our currylicious dinner, including two portions of rice.

Whilst waiting for the curry fish head to be cooked at a hawker centre, I looked around the hawker centre. Most stalls are manned by foreign workers. A sad state of our local food scene. Local foods, but not cooked by locals.

Of course, cheeky-me had to send photos of my dinner to D in Bangkok, and my younger brother, who is currently abroad without local delicacies. I started taunting my brother with nasi lemak two days ago, so curry fish head is going to drive him up the wall.

 I had been scratching my head, trying to come up with a new weekly activity for my mum, after her last week’s char kway teow cooking affair. Curry fish head, what a perfect  choice. Enough to keep her busy for half a day. Now, all I need is willing stomachs.

Come back soon, my cutie brother, for mum will cook curry fish head for you when you are back in Malaysia. Yeah, it’s your turn to eat at home. As you are one of my blog’s avid followers,  I am sure that you will be reading this.

Invitation made, via this blog post. You have been summoned by your 三姐 (third sister, that’s me).


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    Blek, when :p

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      555 I dunno. How about Wed night?

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    Ok dokie

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      Okie dokes!

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