Chinese and Their ‘Fishy’ Meal

I just had a Chinese dinner with my mum, brother and an uncle who is staying over for few nights after his eye cataract surgery.

My brother drove us to Restaurant Ah Soon, at Desa Aman, Sungai Buloh. A neighbourhood that I never know of its existence until today. This restaurant is famous for its chinese-style steamed fish.

Chinese people in general love to eat “steamed whole fish”, with bones, head and tail. The ‘real’ Chinese-fish-expert eats the fish head, sucking out all the juices and meat from the nooks and cranny, including the eyeballs. I personally think that eating fish eyes is absolutely disgusting. 

The other night on My Kitchen Rules, I found it funny that Annie and Lloyd hacked at the tails of the Sea Bream fish and cover the fish eyes with lemon slices, and made the fish looks weird. Many will be offended haha.

I am clueless about fish. I can differentiate salmon, tuna, dory, mackerel, eel … fishes used in Japanese cuisine? I am probably a Japanese-hidden-in-a-Malaysian-body!!

I was told that we don’t steam all types of fish. Uh-hu. Today we had tilapia .. uh-hu again. But one thing for sure, the fish needs to be very fresh for steaming method, so at least you get the best of the lot. The steamed fish was cooked with plenty of ginger, black fungus, chinese mushrooms, bean curd sheets, tomatoes, tofus, string beans and tofu puffs. We drizzled our white rice with the broth from the steamed fish. 

Uh-hu, the fish must be very good lah. My brother kept on telling us “it’s very good” on the way to the restaurant. My uncle also almost finished half of the fish by himself, leaving the remaining half of the fish to the three of us. But it’s ok lah. We don’t look after him often, so we take this opportunity to give him a treat lor.


Steamed tilapia (RM 30)


Stir fried Dragon vegetable with garlic (RM 13)

My brother finished half of the chicken, since we didn’t get to eat much of the fish. You see … we have three steamed fish lovers in the group. So, we let mum eats more lor.

Salt-fried chicken, half (RM 25)

As for me, I managed to finish my bowl of rice with lots of veges, lots of chickens and a bit of fish, and more of the ‘frills’ that come with the fishBut nevertheless, I am sure I had more share of the fish than my brother, who ‘sacrificed’ for us, as usual.

Total damage: RM 82.70 including 5 bowls of rice and a pot of hot chinese tea. Thank you, 大哥 (big brother) for driving us, for picking up the bill but yet, had the smallest portion of the steamed fish.