Desa ParkCity’s Central Park, an oasis in the middle of suburb

Desa ParkCity is one of the most well-planned self-contained township in Kepong. A prestigious township that includes an international school, a hospital, a club house and a park for residents and non-residents. The township reminds me of Singapore.

A long-overdue exercise


Brought mum to exercise at Desa ParkCity’s Central Park this morning. As she’s home alone most of the time, she simply lack the opportunities to exercise. The sad thing about Malaysia is our safety issue, so she can’t just walk around our neighbourhood by herself. A proper park is so near, and yet so far without a car.


A rainy morning


After she had walk for a short time, it started to rain. We took shelter waiting for the rain to stop. It was so peaceful, weather was cooling and we were surrounded by greenery.

Green and red leaves


Fish pond


Walking in the rain to maximise exercise opportunity … No lah,  when the rain slowed down, she resumed exercise with umbrella first until it completely stops.


‘Romantic’ exercise


Dog friendly park



Playground for kids

I am thankful that Desa ParkCity allows non-resident to use the park facility. Kudos to a well-maintained park!


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