CNY Cookies Galore At Malaysia

Chinese New Year cookies are part and parcel of Chinese New Year.

When I was young, we ate tonnes and tonnes of cookies. We also baked some ourselves, even though the baking was limited to just kuih kapit (the love letters of Malaysia).


RM 20+ … sooo expensive!


Home made?

This New Year, we bought cookies, just like preceeding years. But of lesser quantity. It was also reported in The Star that sales of CNY cookies has dipped by more than 30 per cent in Penang.

Friends and family also echoed the same sentiment. Not because of our current economic situation, people these days just consume lesser of these CNY cookies.

On Day 3 of the Chinese New Year, there were still brand new, unopened cookie jars at my uncle’s home!

The most awesome cookies I had this year, was handmade with loveThese are my #1 favorite CNY goodies: the PINEAPPLE TARTS!


Superb pineapple tarts by Aunty Elaine

One was baked by my younger brother’s mother-in-law, Aunty Elaine. She always has me in mind, and for that, I am thankful.


Baked with love by Cupcake and Mommy Cupcake

And another one by my friend and her super mom, Cupcake and Mommy Cupcake. 


Love (Photo credit: Pravich Vutthisombut)

What have I done to deserve all these goodies, which requires painstakingly long hours and works?




Thank you, thank you.


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