Bookaholic Fix At BookXcess

I’m a bookworm, but found myself  reading fewer and fewer books. A lot has gotta do with books are soooo expensive. And it doesn’t help that I don’t like to keep books, as I don’t like old and musty-smell books. I don’t re-read them neither.





Malaysians are lucky to have affordable books, thanks to Book Xcess and Big Bad Wolf sale. BookXcess is the organiser of Big Bad Wolf (BBW) sale annually. I find myself not-so-willing forking out full price after Big Bad Wolf Sale.


A book haven!


This brought me to BookXcess at Amcorp Mall, to get some English novels, before leaving KL. This bookstore is simply amazing! “Helping Malaysians read more for less!“, that’s their mission. 50%-80% off all books every day, they are god send to bookworms. BookXcess guarantees 50% discount off retail prices, that’s a lot of savings!


Find your perfect match for a happily ever after!
Find your perfect match for a happily ever after!

They are currently running “Blind Date With A Book” from 28 Jan to 8 March. Books wrapped in brown paper to hide their covers, were prominently displayed at BookXcess, encouraging readers to “go on a blind date with a book.” Few vague words hand-written on the front, so that you roughly know what you are getting into. Cute!


Crime, thriller & mystery books


Romance & chick lit books


There are serious reads too


So many different types of books at BookXcess, but all are in English. I was hoping for some Chinese books, since mom tagged along with me. But nay, no Chinese books.


Hello, Cupcake!

Some books remind of special people in my life! Well .. hello, Cupcake and what’s new?




Amcorp Mall, 18, Jalan Persiaran Barat, PJ

Tel: 03-7956 0455

Business Hours: 10.00am-9.30pm

Nearest LRT: Taman Jaya

Their Facebook page is here.



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