Birds Voice Art: Let’s Hear It For The … Birds

“Mama always said: Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get.” Forrest Gump.

My oh my. Expect the unexpected with good old Waze.

Last Sunday, our journey to Nirvana Memorial Centre at Semenyih, was in the hands of the almighty Waze. Our (long) journey turned into an unexpected expedition, thanks to Waze.

Relying on Waze, we used a new route this year. We were hesitant in the beginning, as it led us through the unknown roads. But SIL (our superb steady driver) and brother (the navigator) pressed ahead … and it led us to pleasant surprises!

We were way too early, and seeing that Waze was leading us towards long windy uphill road, we made an U-turn for breakfast. 

Still dark!
Still dim!
Sis and SIL’s lontong
Bro and I ordered fried meehoon mee
Bro and I ordered fried meehoon mee

At 7am, a stall owner was just setting up his stall. Nasi lemak, fried noodles and lontong beckoned to us.


Many bird poles
Many bird poles

Just next to the stall, there were many poles with hanging bird cages.

Little did we know that we just walked into a bird training field, for ‘Seni Suara Bunga’ practitioners.

Up close bird cages
Up close bird cages

Reading up, the training is essential for many reasons. It is important for the birds to familiarize themselves with the competition environment, so that they are less likely to be surprised or panic, used to be with many birds at one time and no fighting among each other. Not only that, the birds can also get used to traveling in a car and being covered up under fabric.

Burung merbuk, Zebra dove
Burung merbuk, Zebra dove

I was told that the training starts from 8am until 12-1pm. The daylights are good for the birds, as the sun allows them to stay healthy. Afternoon is a big no-no as the sun is too strong; bad for their health and voice / sound.

RM 5,000 bird cage!
RM 5,000 bird cage!

I was also told that the bird cage costs RM 5,000 each! Not a poor man’s game, no? And the birds are not cheap neither, read that it costs RM15,000 to RM20,000 for a good bird breed.


Birds Voice Art’s training field

Taman Mulia Jaya, Ampang

Daily, 8am to 12-1pm

Waze location

Rapid Bus 303: Taman Mulia Jaya, alight at bus terminus Tmn Mulia Jaya


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    Nice adventure with yummy local malay breakfast. Superb.

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