BeGood Living, an Airbnb in KL fuelled with positivity

BeGood was founded by James Wong, a friend of mine. 

BeGood products

BeGood sells naturally homemade body care products made with and made for POSITIVITY. This video here says all it has gotta to say about BeGood.


BeGood Living on Airbnb
BeGood Living was just launched today, to extend BeGood’s positive experience, for customers, friends and family and travellers the feel good experience and the realisation that we must take a moment to care for ourselves.


Go slow …

I am in love already
Dining area
As the Airbnb theme is based on BeGood, expected to be greeted with aromatherapy

This brought me back to my Drift BnB stay at Colombo, Sri Lanka. A backpacker’s hostel, but we were greeted with aromatic essential oils in an aromatheraphy oil burner in our room. And I asked myself, “why can’t affordable stay be filled with all the little things?


Read. Relax and rejuvenate
I am damn sure that BeGood Living is the ultimate Airbnb staycation in KL, as you drift into a deep state of relaxation!

Spread positivity. BeGood to yourself, even when you travel ..little doses of positivity at BeGood Living to help you to relax and rejuvenate the senses. 

Stay at BeGood Living here


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