AirAsia’s Adhoc Seating Allocation Policy … YET again!

6 passengers in one booking. 5 adults and 1 child.

And they allocated the one and only child in my booking, to be seated all by herself.

Very smart, AirAsia. Very smart indeed.

It’s time to give your system a radical overhaul, no? I am starting to sound like a broken record, having experienced the same problem before, read here and here. And this is coming from an aunt, I emphatize with all the parents out there .. their agony and the additional fee they had to fork out, for this system flaw.

As the rest of us (aka the adults) have been allocated Row 10, if I were to change the child’s seat, it’ll cost me additional RM 10.60. No, I ain’t giving you that additional revenue.  Hmph.

Pick A Seat
Standard Seats (Row 15-31) MYR 6.36
Standard Seats (Row 6-11) MYR 10.6
Hot Seats (Row 2-5) MYR 31.8
Hot Seats (Row 1, 12 & 14) MYR 42.4


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