A satisfying meal of wonderlicious goodie at Mr. Dakgalbi


Wonderlicious pan of goodie

There’s something satisfying and comforting about dakgalbi, a pan of wonderlicious goodie.

Malaysians love dakgalbi!

I first tried dakgalbi in South Korea during my first solo trip abroad. Dakgalbi did not reach our shore till much later. So far, I had dakgalbi twice at Uncle Jang in KL, once in Dak Galbi at Central Rama 9 in Bangkok .. so, today at Mr. Dakgalbi, it marks my fifth dakgalbi meal outside of its origin country.

In all honesty, I can’t remember how it tasted back in South Korea. But I prefer Mr. Dakgalbi than Uncle Jang. I find it less oily, and also with options of bean sprouts, octopus and seafood.

We ordered the Dakgalbi 4 pax set, RM 119. It comes with:

dakgalbi x 4 pax
2 fried rice
2 ramen and
1 cheese

(The staff accepted our request to replace 1 serving of cheese with ramen).

Thanks to my eldest BIL for the aroylicious treat tonight!


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