Hoi Netherlands: ZE’s #1 Favorite Stay at Airbnb Boat House in Utrecht

Our last hurrah at Utrecht. I felt like the BEST-EST YIYI (Aunt) in the world, when ZE declared this boathouse as her best-est accommodation in Europe!

You see ..  most of the accommodations were booked with ZE in mind. Whether it was a dorm experience, a cool backpacker hostel, a student lodging .. It was ZE’s first backpacking trip in Europe, and I wanted it to be a trip chock-full of memories.

ZE was already in a joyous mood, back in our Dutchhomeland‘ … Yellow train, and free sticker. We were approached three times, when we were walking from Utrecht Centraal station to our accommodation. Concerned Utrecht-ians approached us, asking whether we need help, seeing us with map and bags.

We love Holland
, we really do.

Welcome message from Elly

 It is still fresh in my memory of ZE’s ecstatic reactions when we first walked in to the boat house. Elly, our host, left us a chalk-written welcome message, with a Miffy drawing.

 I told Elly that the reason why I choose Utrecht as our last stop, was because it was where Miffy was born (ZE loves Miffy).

A hidden oasis
Walking in to the boathouse
Can hang out here, when the weather is good
Elly’s boat

 ZE was over the moon with the boat house. Being a nature lover, this place was a perfect fit. Water. Boat. Kayak. Garden. Duck.


Our bedroom
Bright & airy
Everything just so pretty
So cohesive
Tree bark-table. Genius!
Hear hear!

 Elly was superb, an A+++ host, in my opinion. I was surprised that she has yet to earn a Superhost badge. She was responsive, clear in her communication, and her place rawks!! Rawks BIG time. I wish I’ve got her sense of great taste.

Our reviews for each other:

My review for Elly
“Thank you for being you”, Elly’s message to me 🙂

 ZE wanted to come back to this place, with her family, during summer. She has stayed in lodging with water, boat .. but, it was like a place shared by many. She wanted to use the kayak, as she was confident that she’ll be able to handle it by herself. But sadly, we didn’t manage to open the kayak’s ‘cover’.

Utrecht was cold for me, so I didn’t venture out much. But ZE was having a ball of time outdoor.

Utrecht itself didn’t have much attractions, but the people, the boathouse were all that matters.

Elly’s kick-ass place is highly recommended, do check out her listing here. Thank you so much, Elly.

ZE's thank you message to Elly
ZE’s thank you message to Elly


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