Hello London: Day 16- London 

How time flies. Day 16 was in a way out last day in London, as we will be flying out early morning on Day 17. And I wanted today not to be rushing like crazy. In hindsight, perhaps an additional one day in London would be perfect, but I also wanted to be in Munich for Oktoberfest’s closing festival.

Check-out time at 10am; we checked out before then, and we kept our luggage at YHA Central London.

Buckingham Palace

 We went to Buckingham Palace for ‘changing guard’ ceremony. I checked back in KL that it’ll take place on even days … but it didn’t. I wasn’t dissapointed myself, but felt ZE’s feelings. 

The sculptures revealed
Absolutely genius

  We then went to check ‘The Rising Tide’, the art installation that we missed out the other day. Jason Decaires Taylor is a world-renowned underwater sculptor, and his work is covered and revealed by the daily ebb and flow of the tide. Not exactly ZE’s type of thing, but I appreciated it. 

London Bridge station


Strolling on the bridge

 We then went to London Bridge. Of course, nothing interesting about this bridge .. just because of ‘London Bridge’ children’s song. 

On the way to London Bridge, I found out that Borrough Market is within vicinity. So, we went in to the food market, and we hit jackpot! Awesome-mosem place. Not just food, but great food. A MUST VISIT!

Awesome Borrough Market!

 Finally, ZE tried pie and mash (£5.00). As for me, salted beef bagel from Brick Lanes (£5.00) and scotch egg (£6.90 set, with scotch egg salad and sweet potato fries) made me a happy girl. 

After Borrough Market, I wanted to look for Platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross station, but we didn’t find it. 

Along the day, ZE started talking about afternoon tea in London. Being an angel, she didn’t insist on it. But … of course I started looking for a place for afternoon tea. Then, she said no to it, as we only had enough time for afternoon tea or dinner, before our bus to Standsted Airport.

Well .. so, we stuck to our original plan.

But … we got £24.00 refund from Oyster Card, and it was all in coins. I hate coins, and I wanted to use it all. Lo and behold, when we were walking to buy dinner, we saw Bill’s, the place that I checked for afternoon tea.

So … afternoon tea beckoned to us.

Best afternoon tea ever!

 And it was the best afternoon tea that I’ve ever had at this whimsical place. And ZE got to try Eton Mess, so another tick in our food list. Total £17.70 spent, for Eton Mess, Mini Doughtnuts, two glasses of fresh OJ and a scoop of mango sorbet.

As timing was a bit tight, after ordering, I went to buy dinner from Itsu (again) for ZE, and checked on waiting point for our bus to Stansted Airport. En route, I saw a ballet shop with cheap stuffs .. which I thought ZE can see after out afternoon tea.

Sigh, it was closed just 10 minutes before we arrived. Looks like you win some, and you lose some. I vowed to get this check in our next stop.

Bye-bye London ….


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