Guten Tag Germany: Day 19&20- A Castle Stay at Bacharach

Bacharach. It made it into our itinerary because of a castle stay. In name, it was jaw-dropping amazing. A castle stay, wow! But … it failed to impress us at all.

Jugendherberge Burg Stahleck

 Jugendherberge Burg Stahleck, that was where we headed to, after Cochem. A one-hour train ride, which I paid €19.80, and ZE enjoyed free ride again. I didn’t book this in advance, as saver fare was only €0.80 cheaper.

Our lunch

 The first thing we did after we arrived in Bacharach was looking for food. Can’t remember the name of this place, but ZE had sweet pancake with jam €6.50, whilst I ordered three kinds of home-made sausage on bread €5.50. I love it that I always get mustard to go with my food in Europe.

Visitor Center (Tourist Info) told us that it was possible to take a bus to the castle, but we missed it by few minutes. We asked for help to call a taxi, and we had to wait  around 20 minutes as the driver had to drive in from another town. The short taxi ride costs us €10.00.

Left luggage at Visitor Center!

 In hindsight, we should have leave our luggages at the visitor center, since they accept overnight left luggage. And hike up the hill by ourselves with a small bag.

Splendid view

 The castle wasn’t impressive at all. The viewing platform, in my opinion, was the best part of the castle. The castle looked like a house, more than a castle. 

Our room

 We had a bunk bed in our room. ZE and I ended up sleeping together in the lower bunk.  

ZE’s dinner + potato soup


My dinner

 We opted for buffet dinner at hostel. ZE was over the moon with their dinner spread. Not a lot of variety, but it had a good selection of vegetarian food. I can literally see her face lights up, tasty (cheap) vegetarian food that she can binge on.

I paid €8.40 for my buffet dinner, whilst she paid half price €4.20. And as usual, she ate more than me .. so, she was in cloud nine!

Next day’s breakfast selection was pretty standard fare. We saw ‘ice cream cone‘ at the breakfast table, to be used to fill in sauce. Interesting. Where I came from, ice cream cone only has one purpose, and that’s for ice cream.

Walk, walk, walk .. I salute this 11-yr old girl

 Check-out at 9.30am, the earliest check-out ever … so, we hiked down with our luggages! ZE was superb … she has been doing this throughout our trip, I think perhaps she now has a stronger bicep.

We kept our luggages at Visitor Center, and then explored the town. It was nice and I felt that it had this Italian feel, with narrow cobblestone lanes .. 

After lunch, we walked to Bacharach train station, for our train to Munich. 


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