ZH’s first solo vacation in Thailand: Day 5 of 12

Day Five: Hua Hin and Cha-Am

ZH slept a little bit longer today, and woke up at 8am. So, both Uncle Vich and yiyi also had a good night rest.

ZH had breakfast at Sea-cret Hua Hin. She picked “just a little bit” of cereals, a croissant and some watermelons. Yiyi later also cut a mango for her to eat by the swimming pool.


Morning breakfast buffet

After breakfast, ZH went for a morning swim, whilst Uncle Vich and yiyi took our time with our breakfast. The pool is brilliant that she can swim alone with us nearby, whether it’s near to our room or the restaurant. She stayed at the side of the swimming pool near to the Jane B restaurant, where we had our breakfast.

Swim, with more fruits by the pool

After a short swim, we walked to the beach together. We can access the beach easily from the hotel’s garden.

Walk to the beach after morning swim

Posing with yiyi’s hat

She said she wanted to do horse riding. We saw one by the beach which charges 300 baht for one round, with ‘geng som’ (the horse’s name is ‘sour curry’). But ZH decided not to as she was a bit afraid.

We had a very aroy lunch at Aglio Olio restaurant, thanks to ZH. We always eat at seafood restaurants, wouldn’t have eaten here if it’s not for our little guest. A great find indeed. They serve a authentic Italian pizza and pasta with great tomato sauce. We didn’t order a lot, as we wanted to save space for my all-time-favourite mango sticky rice.

Booo hoooo hooo .. Mango sticky rice already sold out at 1.30pm. Yiyi was disappointed. 

So we went back to our hotel and ZH managed to swim again before we head out to Santarina Park … Santorini Park, I mean. Late afternoon during weekdays is definitey the best, hardly any crowd. 

Santorini Park’s admission fee is 50 baht for local, and 150 baht for foreigners. We paid local price, thanks to Uncle Vich again. Yipee!

There are 10 rides altogether. But ZH chose two rides and spent 240 baht. ZH smartly picked a mix of paid rides and free activities such as the tunnel slides at the botton of the ferris wheel.

Free activities .. And she went on this few rounds


Her No 1 choice, ferris wheel, 120 baht per ride. We were the only one on the ride!
Paid ride, merry-go-round at 120 baht, and she was the only one on the ride!
One of the many free photo props that ZH likes

According to ZH, her top three favourites at Santorini Park were:

  1. Many things that she can take photo with
  2. Many free activities
  3. A big ferris wheel (40 meter high)

Her two least favourites were:

  1. The scary haunted house, especially the one at Santorini Park’s entrance
  2. The overly-sweet crepe (stay away from Crepe A Crepe, folks)

ZH agreed with our dinner choice at Krua Met Sai, one of our favourite seafood restaurants located near to Santorini Park. Thank you ZH, as Uncle Vich got to eat his favourite grilled seabass and yiyi’s favourite steamed crab. 

ZH was so happy to eat see that our dinner place is just right next to the beach again. We order fried kangkung (water spinach) and omelette for her again. ZH commented that omelette is oily and she doesn’t eats a lot of oily foods, so yiyi will look for a new dish for ZH.

After dinner, we stopped at a local market to buy fruits for ZH. She decided on rambutan, dokong and mango. The seller was so in love with ZH, that she wanted to give us free mangoes!


Free mangoes for ZH!
Continuing from Day Four, I reflect on the day and take time to marvel at the wonders of ZH:

  • She is loved by almost everyone she met  in Thailand. The fruit seller at Cha-am market wanted to give her free mangoes!
  • She instinctly kept silent at Santorini Park’s ticketing counter when Uncle Vich was buying ‘local’ tickets. 
  • She exercised control at Santorini Park, only 2 rides that she really wants. And she enjoyed herself with the free activities too.
  • Uncle Vich’s grilled fish took quite a while to arrive. ZH patiently wait for us to finish our food.
  • She was imaginative with her ‘swimming bird’, ‘standing bird’ and ‘standing bird’ swimming style.

ZH slept around 9.15pm zzzzz. Sorry, yiyi shouldn’t have suggested the crepe for snack .. tooo much sugar for you.


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