What I did on Thai Mother’s Day


Happy birthday to the Mother of all Thai people

Wed 12 August was Mother’s Day in Thailand, which was also the birthday of the Queen. So, Thai Mother’s Day is a celebration of the Queen’s birthday, the Mother of all Thai people, as well as to honor Thai mothers. Thai people love their royalty, and family is the utmost important in their life.

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Thank you Facebook for your Mother’s Day wish!

 The super-important day was observed as a public holiday; D had a day off yesterday. Hooray!

The day before yesterday, he told me that we had to go back to his parents’ home. I was puzzled. Not so much because we had to go back, but puzzled that we had to go back to eat his mum-cooked noodles.

Hmmmm …. I thought on Mother’s Day, the mothers normally enjoy a ‘day off’?

Nevertheless, being a good gf, I happily tagged along.

D’s parents were happy to see me, and lamented that they have not seen me for a long time. I wasn’t surprised with affection displayed by D’s mum, but for his dad to show the same …. that was priceless. Well, I was back in KL for two months … so perhaps it was as long as for two to three months, since I last met them.


 We bought a small รักแม่ cupcake (with ‘Love Mum’ wording in Thai) for his mum, which cheered her up.


‘Gifts for Mom’ at Foodland

 We also saw some Mother’s Day gift, but I thought it was pretty redundant. ‘Collect dusts’, more like it.


Simple, yet aroylicious fried noodles

Paiseh. Aunty peeled a prawn for me.

 Good old aunty not only cooked us noodles with prawn, but also bought durians.

Durian chanee and durian kanyao

 I was touched. I was pretty darn sure it was bought for me, to try durian chanee ทุเรียนชะนี.  A species that I longed to try, as D said that it is the closest taste to Malaysia’s durian. Read here. D would have told his mum about my durian chanee’s quest. In the two months I was in KL, his mum bought it twice before, without knowing that I was away.


Cute, not?

 Thai has such a cute way of cutting / slitting durian. These are the durians (still in shell), sitting in our condo now, for it to ripe a little bit more. You see … Thai people love ‘unripe’, tasteless durian. But Malaysians prefer the other way round. Despite half-opened durians sitting in our condo, our unit is durian odor-free.

So .. were the durians good? All in all, there were two species. Durian chanee was too light for my liking. I prefer durian kanyao ทุเรียนก้านยาว. This is the best, a Grade A durian, but still ….. these are still ‘fake durians‘ to me. I will still stick to Malaysia’s durians.

But, I will forever treasure aunty’s efforts.

I feel the love. Lucky me.


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