Thai way of life: Respect and gratitude

Thais place great emphasis on politeness and respect for elders and those in authority. Having gratitude makes Thai people render respect to parents, elders and I would say to those that have helped them.

Vuttisak is one of the first few Thais that I met early into my relationship with D. Vutti is a junior that I have grown fond of over the years. He probably represents the Thais that embody respect and gratitude to the heart.

I first got to know him four years ago. We worked in different offices for the same agency. Malaysia was like a regional hub, and we had to co-ordinate with Thailand for one of our clients. So I worked with Vutti, and lend him a helping hand when I need to. 

After I left the agency, we still remained in touch. He talked to me about his study plan to UK, career change. So I guess I was sort of like a mentor, or a big sister to him. D and I were also invited to his wedding reception as guest of honour 🙂 I felt that he truly appreciates and remembers the helping hands even until now. 

Every summer, he’ll bring me mango sticky rice because I love it so much. Every year is the same, with Thai messages (his way to ‘force’ me to improve my Thai reading skill). And I will usually reply with Thai karaoke language.

If you come to Thailand with great respect for Thai people, your life will be changed forever.


First mango sticky rice offer from him in 2015 🙂

Same message but in 2014 🙂

Thank you, khop jai na, Vutti ….


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