Thailand ranks 62nd out of 70 in English skills

EF Education First,an international education company, just released the fifth annual edition of its EF English Proficiency Index (EF EPI). This is the world’s largest ranking of countries by English skills.  Honestly, first time hearing about EF Education First and their EF English Proficiency Index, watch the introduction video here. They say “better English correlates with higher income and better quality of life.” What do you think?

Comparing ASEAN countries, Singapore of course scored the highest: ranked 12th with a score of 61.08.

Malaysia did fairly well too, tailing behind closely at 14th, with a score of 60.30. We fall under very high proficiency band. Really?!

I wasn’t shocked to find that Thailand ranked at no 62nd, with 45.35 scores out of 100. Reading more on EF Education First website, in fact, Thailand shows the steepest decline in the region, and is in the lowest proficiency band. But I also met more English proficient Thai people lately, so perhaps proficiency in Bangkok itself will make it to moderate or low proficiency band?

English language is part and parcel of my life back home, that I have taken it for granted. Working life in the Kingdom has been challenging, as understanding and communication are vital in my profession.

Read more here, if you would like to find out more.


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