Siam Pandan, Crowd Pleasing Thai Snack

Siam Pandan, A Local Favorite

 Siam Pandan was a discovery today, after our lunch at Burendo, Siam Square.

Good business!

 We seldom drive to Siam Square, but today we did. Our car was parked at the same building as British Council at 254, Chulalongkorn Siam Square Soi 64. Crossing the road, I spotted crowd buying local snacks (or kuihs) .. and D told me that this snack has became very popular, kanom krok bai toey (sweetmeat with pandanus leaf).

This shop used to be a small stall, located next to Mango Tango.

Price list

 ‘We’ bought a box of the signature sweetmeat with pandanus leave 9 pieces @ 40 THB to try. Well … I thought it was a ‘we’, but I ended up finishing up the whole pack by myself. Tsk.

A flower .. UFO ?

 It was not an omigod-mouthwatering-delicious, but just okay. Not too sweet, so that’s a plus. Anyway, I am not the best judge, as not a fan of many Thai desserts / snacks. But Thai people seemed to like it, so why don’t you give it a try? 


The goodies

The goodies



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