Or Tor Kor, An Upscale Market In Bangkok

Or Tor Kor market

So much has been written about Or Tor Kor market (ตลาด อตก. Marketing Organization for Farmers). People were singing praises about this place. A covered and super clean market, indeed it is perfect for Bangkok’s hot weather. 


Mrt Kampaeng Phet, exit 3
As an added bonus, MRT Kampaeng Phet (exit 3) brings you straight to the doorstep of the market.

What is there not to like about Or To Kor, right?

I do like the market, but perhaps it’s a tad too proper (and expensive) for daily grocery needs. Some of the sellers were also perhaps on the snobbish side, used to foreigners more than locals. So for me, acting like a foreigner does scores me a better treatment, vs. local. 


Fresh mackerel fish
To be fair, when we were there two weekends ago, one of the sellers were really helpful. Searching for mackerel fish for my assam laksa dish, we approached a stall, looking for information. The kind woman gave us directions, and even walked us to the mackerel stall.The market is perfect for foreigners and hi-so Thais, but be prepared to pay more, vs. other wet markets. But, it’s a premium worth paying for (if you have the moolah). D even said that the price is more expensive than supermarkets. Take this with a pinch of salt, as we did not compare the price proper.


Thai durians .. NOT for me
Sweetest Thai pineapples


Pink color preserved eggs
White feathers and black bones chicken’s eggs

I love my nam prik


Nastylicious brined crabs
Fresh prawns

Dried shrimps
I do enjoy the varieties of products available here: vegetables, seafoods, meats, dry products, fruits, dippings, snacks, etc, etc. 


Curry spread
Crispy roast pork
Piggy’s ears

Grilled prawns and steamed crabs

One of D’s fav kuehs
Not only they sell fresh produces, but also cooked foods, that you can just buy and try.

Food galore

You can also have meal here, with many local foods option … but, food is just okay. I used to like one of their duck noodle stalls, but it failed to impress lately.


Popular grilled chicken stall
We tried the popular grilled chicken stall few months back. Yesterday, we went back and got their grilled farm chicken (180 baht),  instead of village chicken (170 baht). We found that the meat of the village chicken (of course) taut, so we opted for their farm chicken this time. It does tastes better.


Royal Project
Whilst you are there, do support the Royal Project. We walked in today because of their 10 baht offer for morning glory. Cheap-cheap.


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