First Airport Bus Ride To Don Muang Airport

I am not new to airport bus from Don Muang International Airport; it was my first time using one to the airport. The maiden bus ride was to send mom to the airport. Not the smartest transportation choice, as it happened during less than ideal timing.

Leaving our humble abode around 3.30pm, traffic was starting to build up. I managed to hail a taxi, but was rejected by the taxi driver. So, I decided to take the airport bus instead. MRT Chatuchak Park is just 2 stops away; I was pretty sure that we’ll make it to the airport, at least 2 hours before her flight departure time.


Turn left from Mrt Chatuchak Park, exit 2
Turn left from Mrt Chatuchak Park, exit 2


Signage of bus stand
Signage at bus stand

If you want to use the airport bus, walk towards the bus stop at MRT Chatuchak Park, exit 2. Bus fare is 30 baht.

Oh no! Packed like sardines @4-15pm
Update 24 March: empty at 9.15am!
Update 24 March: empty at 9.15am!

But, the bus was holy-moly crowded. A2 bus (from Victory Monument) arrived few minutes after we reached the bus stop. I was contemplating whether to wait for the next bus/ I thought perhaps there might be a chance that the next A1 bus (from Mochit 2 / Northeastern Bus Terminal) will be less crowded. But the bus driver urged us to board the bus.

Had a chat with the bus conductor, and she confirmed that high possibility that the next A1 bus  will be crowded too. She added that it was due to locals heading home at this hour (4pm+). I was also informed that non-peak hour is less crowded.

First and last bus timing
First and last bus’ timing

For your info, Bus A1 (from Mochit 2 / Northeastern Bus Terminal) is more frequent per 15 minutes interval, versus bus A2 (from Victory Monument), per 30 minutes interval. As the bus uses Don Muang tollway, it usually takes around 30 minutes from MRT Chatuchak Park / BTS Mo Chit, to Don Muang International Airport.

Despite the rush traffic hour, short journey as what I predicted; the bus took 25 minutes from MRT Chatuchak Park to Don Muang International Airport. (Update 24 March: took 15 minutes in morning). Arriving Don Muang airport, the bus driver wanted to stop outside the International Terminal (T1) at Departure floor, but wasn’t allowed to do so. I guessed they were supposed to stop further ahead, to cater to both International and Domestic Terminal passengers. I heard the driver saying that he won’t be able to stop at designated spot due to traffic / rampant parking.

Not the best place to let passengers alight from the bus
Not the best spot to let passengers alight from the bus
Update 24 March: passengers alight near Gate 8, T1
Update 24 March: passengers alight near Gate 8, T1

The bus stopped in between International Terminal (T1) and Domestic Terminal (T2), just before the ramp turning down to Arrival floor. Not exactly the safest spot for passengers to alight! The airport’s security guard rushed over to assist. He stopped incoming cars, for passengers to cross the road safely.

Update Sept 2016: I was told that the first bus from BTS Mochit starts at 6:20am, at every 20 minutes interval.

Update Nov 2016:

Rainy morning
Arrived at 6.23am

Took the first bus from BTS Mochit. As it was raining, the bus arrived at the bus stop around 6.23pm and departed around 6.27pm. The staff manning the booth was apologetic, and so did the bus conductor, explaining that the bus driver had to drive slow in view of slippery road. Awww .. I was impressed. All passengers were heading to the airport; the bus did not make their usual stop before airport. Altogether, it took 20 minutes from BTS Mo Chit to Don Mueang Airport.

Take down this info if you want to make any complaint
Take down this info if you want to make any complaints

Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA)‘s call centre number is 1348 or email, should there be any complaints.

For info on airport bus from Don Muang airport, do read here.


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