ZuiYue Restaurant Kepong: Indoor Dim Sum During Haze Season

ZuiYue Restaurant was an unexpected discovery, in our quest for an indoor dim sum restaurant yesterday.


Hmmm .. cooking gas tank?

 We enjoyed their dim sums, and their service is impeccable.

The owner (if not mistaken), walked around checking on customers. He was also seen carrying heavy tray of dim sums, to avoid customers waiting for piping hot dim sums. And he can speak Thai, that of course brings a sense of familiarity and we gave him additional points just for that.


Order sheet with our Lo Mai Gai (RM 5)

 A senior staff also came around to tick on our order sheet, explaining that they have new staffs and the newcomers do not know how to fill in the form (yet).

We were told that they have only started serving dim sums for two to three months. So, it is still a fairly new operation. Dim sum is available from 8am to 3pm. Chinese cuisine is served from 10.30am to 3pm, and 5.30-10.30pm.


Yam steam pork ribs (RM 6)
Stir-fried radish cake (RM 6) received four thumbs up from us

 Price-wise, expect to pay RM4-6 for a plate of dim sum. Our bill came up to RM 50 for 2 pax.

They only accept cash currently. Psstt .. no GST, so good news.

Chili and black bean dipping sauce. Sorry, no vinegar for my Thai bf


Thai bf having fun warming up our tea cups

 ZuiYue Restaurant

G1, G2, Plaza Menjalara, Idaman Kepong, 52200 Kuala Lumpur


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