Yinthong 穎彤 LIVE @ Little Hands Creative Market, Hinz Cafe


Yinthong is a musician. She writes. She sings. She plays. And she is also a music engraver / transcriber, arranger and composer. And she, my friends, happens to be my cousin’s gf.

Having met her in person few times during family gatherings, she comes across as a cheerful, approachable, energetic person .. a friendly disposition probably best describes her.

I’ve been wanting to catch her LIVE for a long, long time .. Her recent performance includes Feedback Open Mic @ The Bee Jaya One, Live Sparkle Series at Live Fact Taman Danau Desa, KOKKAMANGO Album Launch Party @ Black Box Publika, etc, but timing just wasn’t right.

Yinthong @ Little Hands Creative Market, Hinz Cafe (Photo credit: YT FB)
Yinthong @ Little Hands Creative Market, Hinz Cafe (Photo credit: YT FB)

Two weekends ago, Yinthong had a solid one hour solo performance at Little Hands Creative Market, at 1st floor, Hinz Cafe Kepong. Location was perfect, just a stone’s throw from home, and timing was perfect too. So, finally ..

Let me tell you a little bit more about her …

she writes

YT in the spotlight
Watching YT in action

She writes / composes her own songs, in both English and Chinese. That afternoon, she sang some of her own compositions and my two personal favorites are I’ve Found You and 面包车 Rotiman.

“Now that I’ve found you .. oooh … You opened my window … Now that I’ve found you …” 🎤🎼

The tunes and lyrics have been stuck in my head since that afternoon … especially the parts featuring melodica.

she sings

To describe her singing, it has that Acoustic Indie feel with melodious beats .. and souls, lots of  souls. Even kids were spellbound by her at some point!

Such a sunny disposition
Such a sunny disposition

And she always has a friendly-smile on her face, which makes watching her enjoyable. You can’t help but be enamored of her.

she plays

Even the kiddos are smitten
Juggling between singing, and her musical instruments

She is a keyboardist, and also a melodica player. I love watching her juggling between her singing, her keyboard and her melodica. There was one part that she had difficulties switching to her melodica, but she took it in great spirit … and with a smile. And you just can’t help but smile with her.

This young lady is multi-talented, and people-friendly. A bright future ahead; the world is her oyster.

It means so much to me, if you could give her a LIKE on her Facebook page here.

And hey, might as well checkout her music too, at https://soundcloud.com/yinthong-tan

If you would like to catch her performance, her next gig is Live Sparkle, hosted by Live Fact on Sun 28 June, 3pm. More info here.


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